Mark Manders, Jarla Partilager


Floor with Fake Newspapers

(2005–2010 ongoing)

Offset print on paper / Dimensions variable

MM: Sometimes I need newspapers in my work, for example to make a part of a work in papier mâché. I cannot use a real newspaper since then this fragment of my work would be connected to a certain period, place and situation on the world. The newspapers are the opposite of On Kawara’s date paintings or Kurt Schwitters collages. All my works look like they have just been made and if they just have been left behind by the person who made them. My work is made in one moment and logically I locate this super-moment in 1986, the day I’ve started my work by creating my first floorplan. The newspapers are made of all the existing English words and every word is only used once in the papers. The photo’s are taken in my studio, mostly of studiodust, and I try to avoid language in the pictures.