Mark Manders, Jarla Partilager


Reduced Summer Garden Night Scene (Reduced to 88%)


Sand, porcelain, iron, wood, rope, glass / 74 x 115 x 50 cm

MM: This work is a glass display case that houses a small landscape, actually a small part of a cross-section of a garden. With several things, I made a small arrange- ment. I then laid a rope on these things like a drawing that had fallen prey to the force of gravity, as if the scene has been exposed to a melancholy gravitational pull. Afterwards, I recreated this entire scene, reduced it in porcelain at 88%, and covered it with a thin, black ‘night layer’ so the night lies on the objects like a thin membrane. It’s an illuminated nocturnal scene that still remains night and I feel that all the light that falls on this nocturnal scene belongs to me. In the scene, the fictional sound reduced to 88 percent is transected by the rope once it has left the loud-speaker. The whole setting resembles a soundless three dimensional night photograph.