Mark Manders: Parallel Occurences / Documented Assignments


Finished Sentence (August 2010)


Iron, painted wood, offset print on paper, and tea bags / 99.1 x 251.5 x 130.8 cm
Daskalopoulos Collection

MM: At a certain point I had an overwhelming urge to say something beautiful. In a frenzy, I went to the supermarket and bought about ten packages of tea. Then I worked for a long time on an ar­ rangement of tea bags, which finally seemed to say something. It most resembles a “wordless” word, but an emotion still speaks from it. I know beyond a doubt that this was absolutely the best possible arrangement of five tea bags. I was struck by the way the tea bags were lying on the floor below me and trying to tell me something. Years later, this small work evolved into more complex works such as this “finished sentence.”