Shadow Study (2)


Metal, porcelain, painted epoxy, and wood / 151 x 65 x 65 cm
Daskalopoulos Collection

MM: If you think about the evolution of cups, it’s just a beautiful evolution.The first cups were human hands: folded together, they took the water out of the river.The next cups were made from things like hollowed pieces of wood or folded leaves, and so on. The last beautiful moment in the his­ tory of the cup was when it got a handle. After that, nothing really interesting happened with cups, just small variations, mainly ornamental. Many generations worked on it, and now you can say that the cup is finished in terms of evolution.
A few times a day there is a cup very close to my upper leg bone, and I slowly discovered that if you turn an empty cup upside down there is a shadow falling out of the cup, falling upon my leg. I wanted to keep this shadow, have it and own it, so I turned it into an image.