A Place Where My Thoughts Are Frozen Together


Painted porcelain, painted epoxy, sugar cube
Private collection

MM: In this work I set out to attach a human femur to a coffee cup. They often come very close to each other, and I just wanted to attach them with a third element. I thought it was interesting how the cup has gradually acquired a handle during its evolutionary process. If you think about the evolution of cups, it is a beautiful evolution. The first cups were human hands: folded together you could take the water with your two hands out of the river. The next step were things like hollow pieces of wood or things with folded leaves, and so on. The last beautiful moment in the history of the cup was when it was given an ear. After that, nothing really interesting happened with cups, just small variations. Many generations worked on it, and now you can say that the cup is finished in terms of evolution.
For this work, I ended up giving the femur a small, raised bump so that the cup and the bone could hold a sugar cube. It looks like something has grown out from inside the bone in a way comparable to the relatively slow process during which the handle of the coffee cup evolved. I think it is beautiful how both of them, powerless and armless, hold the sugar cube.